A downloadable game for Windows

Labyrinth is a simple maze game testing the player's memory and putting it to the test against other players.

Players will be thrown into a maze. They will have only a few seconds to read and memorise the layout of the maze, then you'll be allowed to start running.

The first person to the goal of the maze wins the round. The first player to win 3 rounds wins the game.

Mazes are procedurally generated with each playthrough

How To:
WSAD to move Blue character (Player 1). Left Shift to sprint him.

ARROW to move Red character (Player 2). Right Shift to sprint him.


Point to point - Players start at the same point and race for the same goal
Convergence - Players start at different points and race for the same goal
Divergent - Players start at the same point and race to different goals
Destiny - Players have different start points and race for different goals
Conquest - Competitive mode: Players race to eachother's start points.



Timo Schmechel (Programming)
Matt Cabang (Programming)
Andrew Diggins (Art)
Tom Campbell (Sound)

This game was made at the North Sydney Institute Game Jam (http://bit.ly/29Tptby) and got 7th place out of 31 entries (http://imgur.com/aRqV4rW)

Install instructions

Extra zip file completely and run executable.


Labyrinth.zip 58 MB